How We Got Started

Since I was young, I gravitated toward art. Whether it was drawing or daydreaming up stories, my mind was always busy with ideas. As a kid, I preferred to spend hours playing with unconventional "toys," such as my parents' belts, necklaces, bracelets, or even simple bandaids (they were snakes and dinosaurs in my mind, even though I owned actual plastic dinosaurs!). Daydreaming was my favorite pastime, especially while listening to music, and my imagination continued to flourish on into my teenage years and adulthood. I wrote and published four books - a story that had been in my heart since I was sixteen years old and refused to leave me alone. But I couldn't stop there. It lead me back to my first form of art - design and graphics. I find great joy and satisfaction in every design I create, and I love bringing people's and fellow authors' daydreams to life visually.